April 26th 2017 – Sexy GIFs, The Fangirls Are All Right and Men, amirite?

Happy hump day y’all. We’re closer to the long weekend than we were yesterday, and that is something to celebrate dammit.

And what better way to celebrate hump day than with porn? No seriously. Here’s a Safe-For-Work piece about how our beloved GIFs are being used in porn fandom in a sex, body, lady positive way.

I came across an article called “The Time a Ghost Had His Day in Court” and was physically compelled (by ghosts, probably) to click on it.

In what will probably the last stop on my Harry Styles powered train, all the analysis of his new song and more importantly, the reaction to this new song both by fans and critics lead me to a shed load of articles in defence of fangirls. As a bonafide fangirl myself (in spirit if not in age) I read them all but here are the two that I like best; one from The Guardian and one from Pitchfork.
I read this piece on reading David Foster Wallace and I can’t decide if I agree with all of it or think it’s possibly the worst way to read a book. The comments section threw me into turmoil. I look forward to your thoughts.
There’s often a distinctly objectifying, fetishising or just down right creepy tone to many profiles of female celebrities written by men, often much older than them. To compound the creepy, Rachel Handler put together this very good quiz “Did A Man Write That?”. How did you do?

Did you know the internet once argued about whether Garfield (yes, the cat) was non-binary? You didn’t? Gather round children and let me tell you a tale…

Sometimes, amongst all the dino-erotica, how to articles about talking to women with headphones and non-binary cartoon cats, the internet offers up a true gift. In this case, it comes in the form Daveed Diggs of Hamilton fame, also known as ill-spitting-anachronistic-bae, doing an updated version of Rubber Duckie on Sesame Street. It is Fresh. As. Hell

I don’t know what’s happening here but I am ok with it.

                The Tragedy of Farrah Moan

This email has been brought to you by pettiness, this tweet and this very involved timeline.

One thought on “April 26th 2017 – Sexy GIFs, The Fangirls Are All Right and Men, amirite?

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